A Stellar Achievement in the Division Level STEMazing Contest 2023

Divinians shine as they clinch 3rd place in the Division Level STEMazing Contest 2023.

LVD Celebrates the remarkable success of three outstanding Divinians, Julianne, Ryza, and Maj, as they proudly secure 3rd place in the highly competitive Division Level STEMazing Contest 2023. Despite limited preparation time, their exceptional skills and unwavering determination propelled them to an impressive position among fierce competitors. This achievement serves as a testament to their immense capabilities and showcases the immense pride and gratitude felt by Sir Ran, their mentor. Let this triumph serve as a powerful realization of their true potential.

"What a great day for all Divinians! I am extremely proud of you three for bagging 3RD PLACE in the Division Level STEMazing Contest 2023. We only had hours to prepare, yet you managed to land a pretty good spot in the competition. I have always believed in your capabilities, and I thank you for accepting the challenge. May this achievement marks an important realization of what you truly are capable of. Julianne, Ryza, Maj, congratulations! Sir Ran is so so proud of you!"

-Ranniel Abarcar