Guidance & Counseling Services

About the Guidance and Counseling Services

What Guidance is:

1. The main focus of guidance is “the individual”, not his/her problem.

2. Guidance is a process of all round development.

3. “Guidance is a help to the students in making the best possible adjustment to the situations in the educational institutions and in the home and at the same time facilitates the development of all aspects of the personality” G.E. Smith

4. “Guidance is the continuous process of helping the individual to develop to the maximum of his capacity in the direction, most beneficial to himself and to society” Jones, Stiffler and Stewart

5. “Guidance is a process of helping young person's learn to adjust to self, to others ad to circumstances” Skinner


1. Orient the participants on what Guidance is all about and what it is not.

2. Acquaint the participants with LVD Guidance Principles, Program and Services.

3. Introduce to the participants the Guidance Personnel and point out to them their significant role/place in the LVD Guidance Center Organization.


Guided by the Basic Principles of the LVD Guidance, the Guidance Center facilitates the Students Development on the area of:

· Personal-Social

· Academic-Educational

· Career- Occupational

· Moral – Spiritual

“Guidance is assistance made available by competent counselor to an individual of any age to help him direct his life, develop his own point of view, make his own decisions and carry his own burden”

Crow and Crow


Career Guidance Program

A system of services designed to help the students come up with a career plan to meet his/her life goals and to implement the plan.

Mental Health Program

A system of services designed to maintain the state of well being of an individual in order that he/she may realize his/her own abilities and potentials, cope adequately with the normal stresses of life, displays resilience in the face of extreme life events, works productively and fruitfully and is able to make a positive contribution to the community.

Testing Program

Planning for improvement without reliable data would be like aiming for a target with one’s eyes closed. This testing program is designed to guide school administrators, teachers and support staff of the psychological tests being administered to students. Each test has a specific purpose and how these test data can be utilized by the school, thus, they provide stakeholders with evidenced-based information in order to deliver effective strategies and to support each learner’s needs. It is emphasized however, that test data are examined and used not to judge the teacher’s performance but rather to search for more meaning and understanding on the academic accomplishments and behavioral changes of the learners.

Guidance Services

Is concerned with the gathering of objective data to assist in the admission, educational placement, research evaluation, planning of school programs, counselling and decision making.

Growth Group Guidance Pscyho-Education

It is comprised of needs-based in-service programs offered to students for their personal, social, intellectual, psychological and career development.


Refers to updating of the student’s periodic progress which is done through follow up interviews.

Referrals/ Consultation/ Home Visitation

Refers to the provision of linkage with specialist, parents or guardians that could attend to the special needs of the students.


Registered Guidance Counselor

Licensed Professional Teacher


Career Advocate/ Testing Coordinator

Licensed Professional Teacher


Career Advocate/ HRG Coordinator

Licensed Professional Teacher

For Inquiries, Leave the Guidance a Message

“The process consists of a group of services to individuals to assist them in securing the knowledge and skill needed in making adequate choices, plans and interpretations essential to satisfactory in varieties of areas”

G.E. Smith