Charting the Course with Numbers

In cooperation with the Scholarly Club’s activity entitled “Charting the Course with Numbers: A Quantitative Research Presentation," former grade 12 student Julianne Marie Calceta presented her group's research project along with her research adviser, a former LVD teacher and currently a senior high school teacher at the University of Santo Tomas (UST), Mr. Ranniel Abarcar.

Patricia Ogay

Ms. Calceta’s paper entitled "Sugarcane Bagasse as an Alternative Component in Producing Cardboard" has also been presented at the University of the Philippine Science High School Cebu during the Creative Investigation Student Congress, and at Leyte Normal University (LNU) during the International Multidisciplinary Research Conference.

The said activity was organized by the Scholarly Club headed by Mr. Ronnie Daganasol, assisted by the club members, and attended by grade 12 students as this activity aims to guide them in constructing their research papers.

The event concluded with the awarding of a certificate and a lei as a token of appreciation.

Photos by Sheena Fethon Vacal