Fueling Minds: Regional Sci-Math Team Olympiad Quiz Bee

On September 21, 2023, Liceo del Verbo Divino, Inc., was one of the nine schools that participated in the Regional Sci-Math Team Olympiad Quiz Bee hosted by Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU).

P. Ogay

The event was organized by the Chemical Engineering Department, coinciding with Chemical Engineering Week held every third week of September.

The event's primary purpose was to inspire students to pursue careers in chemical engineering by highlighting the appealing qualities of mathematics and science.

The competition featured two categories: Science and Math, with three representatives per category. In the Science category, LVD secured the 6th position, while in the Math category, they ranked 7th.

The Science category was represented by Johannah Maj E. Guadayo, Gean Mark Allunam, and Patricia Mae G. Ogay, while Viel Jacob D. Batis, Ryza V. Hermano, and Archie Odinada formed the Math category team.

Coaching the Science team were Mr. Lauro Cantero and Ms. Lyka Omandam, while Mr. Lloyd Agero for the Math team.

The quiz bee consisted of three parts: easy, average, and hard questions.

Participants and their coaches received certificates as a token of recognition.

Photos by L. Omandam