Igniting Discourse : Asian Parliamentary Debate

In celebration of the United Nations and AP Month, an Asian Parliamentary Debate was held in the AV Hall from October 18 to October 19, 2023, providing a platform for the debaters to engage in thoughtful discussions on various social issues.

A. Cornista

The event was supervised by the AP subject coordinator, Mr. Ronald D. Consultado, along with three adjudicators, Mr. Mark Kim Herbon, Mr. Marl Jeric Robillos, and Mr. Xerxes Alain Hibanada, presiding over the entire debate and offering their insights and observations for each result.

In the competition, four teams participated, with Ms. Arianne Mamita, Ms. Christine Grace Vacal, and Ms. Raya Fraz Mombay securing fourth place, while Ms. Judie Miles Alinas, Ms. Justine Anna Nicole Bustillo, and Ms. Ashley Apacible in third place. Mr. Leohan Angelo Avestruz, Ms. Jeremiah Glovah, and Ms. Loueassa Trinchera secured second place, and the team of Mr. Yanni Marcus Salem, Ms. Aelan Breanna Almario, and Mr. Jon Robbie Siozon emerged as the champions, showcasing their sharp wits and presenting unexpected arguments.

Further acknowledgment has been given to the outstanding participants, Mr. Siozon and Ms. Almario, who were dubbed the Best Speaker and Best Debater, respectively.

Ms. Miles Alinas, when asked about her thoughts on the debate results, replied with the words, "If you can wholeheartedly accept success, then you should also accept failure because it is part of growing."

Mr. Robbie Siozon, the champion team's opposition whip, and the Debate Captain of the League of Debaters had said, "A lot of the debaters today were their first time joining a debate competition but to me, it seemed like they've done debating at least once or twice with the level of confidence they delivered their speech."

He also added that it's okay to pause and stutter sometimes, "With practice eventually you'll become more fluent and confident as time goes by."

Photos by C. Elizon, K. Liboon