Numeric Crunching: Math Quiz Bee

The Senior High School students of Liceo del Verbo Divino, Inc. battled out their mathematical minds during the Math Quiz Bee held at the AV Hall, LVD Twin Building.

N. Pombo

The event was organized by the Mathematics Department and was facilitated by Mr. Lloyd Agero.

Among the six teams, Grade 11 leads the competition, with Grade 11-Our Lady of Guadalupe securing the first place, Grade 11-Our Lady of Pillar in second, and Grade 12-Our Lady of La Loreto in third.

According to Ms. Vanessa Collera, the said event has been a long-standing tradition during SMIT Month Celebrations.

The list of winners are as follows:

1st Place – Grade 11 Our Lady of Guadalupe

Lavigne Micah G. Dadap

Lanz Zyrel N. Edjoc

Loren Joy I. Esco

2nd Place – Grade 11 Our Lady of Pillar

Unice Andre Berones

James Venjei Alcober

Ysha Patricia Yvonne Farañal

3rd Place – 12 Our Lady of Loreto

Arianne Nicole Manita

Qiany Mae S. Ortiz

Jonalyn Mae F. Corsanes

Photos by C. Elizon & N. Balais