Reflection, Faith and Mission

Liceo del Verbo Divino held a devotional mass during the commemoration of the SVD's (Society of the Divine Word) 148th Founding Anniversary and the celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Nativity at the Fr. Eugene Stoll, SVD Gym, on September 8, 2023.

L. Restituto, K. Agravante, & N. Pombo

The mass was presided by Fr. Jose Marie L. Pareja, SVD, PhD, along with Fr. Felicito “Tata” Borres and the Campus Ministry.

"This is the time for me, for us as a congregation, to reflect on our existence, our performance, and our mission work. We need to contemplate how we live as agents of salvation, bringing the word of God to people," said Fr. Jose Pareja in an interview about this year's founding anniversary celebration.

In an interview, Fr. Felicito "Tata" Borres expressed his hopes for the future of the SVD Congregation, "Until now 148 years and we are still going, and there have been a lot of congregations before that didn't last. Yet, here we are perpetuating, we are surviving and we are promoting that someday, there will be next generations to follow us.”

During his homily, Fr. Romulo Maypa, SVD, mentioned MARIA, the name associated with Mary, as an abbreviation for Mother, Annunciation, Reyna or Queen, Immaculate, and Assumption, reminding Christians of her special significance and prominent role in our lives, emphasizing the importance of honoring her during her special day.

"Just like how we yearly celebrate our birthdays or events in our lifetime that hold special significance, we do the same for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the SVD Foundation. We are reminded that we humans are rooted in Mother Mary's spirituality: deep and strong faith, obedience to God and humility. That is why St. Arnold Janssen chose September 8 as SVD's Founding Anniversary because he believed that Mama Mary will help us to fulfil or do our mission. That Mary will be there to help us, guide us, provide for us in order to do our mission. That's why every time we celebrate SVD's Foundation Day, the Catholic Church also celebrates the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The idea that we need Mother Mary in order to fulfil our mission to do God's will," said Fr. Agus Yustinus, SVD-MAGC.

The spiritually motivating event was attended by students, parents, teachers, and staff, with the assistance of SSM officers and Scouts.

Photos by K. Liboon