Stride, Sprint and Splash: LVD Fun Run ‘23

Streets came alive with colors as Liceo del Verbo Divino launched LVD Fun Run ‘23 as a culminating activity for Divinian’s Month with the theme, A Run Filled with Color and Liveliness: Striving as One Community and as One Divinian, at the LVD Quadrangle on November 26, 2023,

Patricia Ogay

Students and staff assembled as early as four AM, initiating the parade at five AM from the main campus, and took the route around downtown, and its final stop at the DWU exit.

The event commenced with a heartfelt prayer delivered by Xania Songalia. Following this is a Zumba session that brought a dynamic energy before the Fun Run proper.

Bobby Berida, an alumnus, won first place for this year's Fun Run Activity. Followed by Elijah Cordeta from Grade 11 Our Lady of Fatima, and Seth Van Suri from Grade 10 St. Paul as the third placer. The winners received medals, certificates, and cash prizes as recognition for their efforts.

To level up the excitement, the first ten who arrived at the finish line received chocolates from the school principal, Sr. M. Andrea G. Tomanda, OSF-DM.

In an interview, Mr. Berida admitted that he felt shy at first since he was an alumnus and his friend was not present at the time, but he had fun.

"Waray ko na mga kilala kay nak sangkay na hi Leyjh Portillo, nagmuok man. Asya kunta nak kaupod. Pero during han pag run na , I just did my very best kay goal ko talaga makuha an first kay dako an prize " he added.

As students gathered and settled at the school's quadrangle, followed the distribution of snacks, awards, and the much-anticipated foam party.

The said event was hosted by Mr. Dean Brando Cinco, the Science Subject Area Academic Coordinator.

Photos by Chloe Elizon, Kent Jamir Liboon, Harris Jay Hubilla